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The San Antonio Discussion and Debate (SADD) Toastmasters Club is an advanced club located in the San Antonio, Texas area. It is an advanced Toastmasters club in that we engage in debates as well as regular Toastmaster activities. Their are no special requirements for membership, all are invited to join. The club follows Toastmaster rules, that is the members give manual speeches, participate in the Distinguished Club Program, and conduct at least one meeting a month. And we never forget the admonition of Paul Kaschube: "Debate is about CLASH".

We owe our roots to the Austin Discussion & Debate Toastmasters Club, founded by Paul Kaschube, who helped us get started also. They meet every two weeks on the second and fourth Wednesday nights. Check out their webpage: [WWW]

SADD is a club founded for the purpose of conducting debates. There are several kinds of debates and debate formats. There is the Extemporaneous Debate where reference materials and resolution are provided to all debaters and some time is allowed for preparation (like 20 minutes). Then the debate begins. A Prepared Debate allows debaters to prepare weeks ahead of time and come to the meeting and the debates begin. At SADD there is not a debate every meeting. During the meetings where there is not a debate scheduled, a normal Toastmaster meeting is conducted, except all present respond to the Table Topics questions, often centered on news items from national newspapers. Subjects are not limited as in regular Toastmaster meetings. Controversial subjects like politics are encouraged. Such topics abound during election years, but are always welcome. During discussion meetings, manual speeches can be given that educate debaters on needed knowledge. Normal Toastmaster evaluations are provided for each speech.

Meeting Information

Normal meetings are planned for the second and fourth Saturday mornings of each month, 11:30AM (after the Beyond Basics Meeting) at Joe's Crab Shack. Members and guests should be able to make one of the two meetings each month. Debates are planned every six (6) weeks.


Take note of the Collaboration Tab up top. The roles for the next meeting are posted there. This should make it easy for the Discussion Master or Debate Moderator to make up an Agenda just before the meeting.

Next Meetings

Saturday, August 8, 2009, 11:30AM, Joe's Crab Shack
Prepared Lincoln Douglas Debate
Resolved: The Cap and Trade Bill is a Job Killer
Affirmative: David Borden
Negative: Paul Kaschube

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